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Purposes of ISOFIA Association

The name “ISOFIA” (International Solidarity of Free Information & Art) refers to a non-profit, confessional and politically neutral International Association established in accordance with Article 60 et seq. of the Swiss civil code.

The international non-profit association has the following purposes to:

1 – provide and jointly exchange all kinds of free information, knowledge and art that aim at truth authenticity and awareness to promote the expression of all the potential and total freedom of being, as self-determined entity as Body-Soul-Spirit, eternal essence, in accordance with nature, biodiversity and ecosystem.

2 – connect national and international groups that work together in solidarity and ethics in order to carry out projects of small -, medium- and long-term to develop the sense of responsibility and protection of every woman and man, first of the children, who are the cornerstone of our society, and therefore projects that promote education, awareness, well-being, creativity, self-realisation and the harmony of the community to which they belong.

3 – become a national and international reference as guardian of the seeds of nature, consciousness and knowledge in all the aspects that constitute the fiber and the individual and spiritual memory of the uniqueness of every woman and man, the “I”, and embroider it in the social and spiritual fabric of every community of the world, the “We”. All of this in relation to the following areas are not separate, but one of service to others, which support as it is manifested in the circular model of the ecosystem: music, ecology, agriculture, food, education, architecture, medicine, science, economy, justice, culture, dance and art.

4 – reconnect with the human value, closely tied to nature, to the cosmos and all its living beings to sustain together, all the time, for and with our children a world that is authentic and non-violent, that respects the wonder of creation, based on self-determination, perception, responsibility, happiness, decision-making power, love, and the joy of living, as well as based on a right to be educated without competition and without being predators, but co-creators informed and involved in the development of what we leave for the generations to come.

5 – organise to realise the listed purposes: experiential energy poles, through study centers and synergetic, playful and professionalizing activities; individual and collective courses, seminars, research workshops, craft workshops, artistic workshops, meetings, round tables, symposia, conferences; multilateral exchange, events also of gastronomy, concerts, dances, art exhibits, conventions, parties and festivals for the local community and international in order to involve children, young people, adults, the elderly, men and women of all cultures, integrating the wisdom of the authentic tradition to the projection and evolution towards the future, in a holistic vision of life in the respect of the planet Earth, of human rights and freedom.

News in the world

ISOFIA – MEEP PROJECT Download PROGRAM – April 2 / April 10 2022 Download

ISOFIA International Meeting

with facilitators and young people (from 18 years) aspiring to teach / study at MEEP

30 November / 6 December 2021

Der bayrische Sturschädel hat uns verlassen. Er hat sein ganzes Leben lang für Freiheit und Gerechtigkeit gekämpft und jetzt den Kampf beendet.Jetzt müssen wir seine Arbeit ohne ihn fortsetzen. Karl ist am Freitag, den 19.11.2021, verstorben. Seine langjährigen gesundheitlichen Beschwerden, auf die er während der vergangenen 18 Monate im Widerstand gegen die Corona-Maßnahmen keinerlei Rücksicht nahm, haben dazu geführt, dass er völlig erschöpft war. Bereits auf dem Weg der Besserung ist er über Nacht eingeschlafen und nicht mehr aufgewacht. Für Karl hat der Kampf friedlich geendet. Noch an seinem Todestag schenkte ihm seine Schwiegertochter eine gesunde Enkelin.

Petition Sign4children

An international petition has just been launched: Sign for Children. 1000, no 100,000 and many more parents from different geographical areas such as France, Canada, USA, Spain, Italy, Argentina Germany etc. will show together that they stand behind children and young people.

ISOFIA International Petition

International Solidarity Of Free Information & Art ISOFIA WE, THE PEOPLE OF the EARTH WHO ARE AWARE, no longer recognize the national medical healthcare board

I am pleased to be here at the presentation of this important project. I would like to take this opportunity

In August 2021, a new association was founded “Kinderrechte Jetzt e.V.” (Children’s Rights Now), which campaigns for the concerns and

Film: a different freedom

“I want it to be over, that’s why I’m getting vaccinated.” A DIFFERENT FREEDOM A documentary film by Patricia Josefine

Partnership with Anne Marie Delaby

ISOFIA is glad to collaborate with Anne Marie Delaby, symbolist artist. For more informations and to buy a painting please follow this page: 

This will help us for our crowdfunding.