2nd ISOFIA International Meeting

STEP TOWARDS A GREAT PARADIGM SHIFT. ISÒFIA Multidisciplinary Experiential Educational Centre
7th – 10th October 2021– San Bernardino – Switzerland. A Quantum leap towards self-determination
for a real, natural and life truth.

ISÒFIA is making its next step towards establishing an experiential education centre with an innovative educational program for the future.
We are creating a space for educating in a creative way of teaching to enablestudents to study freely in a healthy, spiritual, joyful and creative environment in nature, where there is respect. We will work and grow together with highly qualified professionals to encourage self-determination, awareness, becoming sovereign beings; free men and women; contributing towards a solid community, in harmony with nature. The focus would include encouraging mindfulness, dignity, teach students excellent talents, refined craftsmanship, authentic skills, cultural knowledge, artistic and music qualities, scientific competence and professional expertise, while respecting the soul and self-empowering them to bring out the most creative and beautiful qualities of each individual.
The entire education system; universities, research Centres and the professional’s councils have all failed, succumbed, and become subservient for decades to the neoliberal system. They are no longer producing free minded citizens and thinkers but slaves, to the globalist superstate and mafia corporations. It is of vital importance to care for the human soul, so it is not annihilated by destructive forces. We must regain our power to be healthy in mind, body and spirit.
We have to take back our lives and be responsible for ourselves, without losing our inner strength.
ISÒFIA M. E. E. C. aims to create a cradle to protect the human soul, to guard the seeds of human culture, with a genuine ethical, spiritual approach and solidarity.

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