About Isofia

Together For Truth & Freedom

Our world mirrors what we, as human beings, put into it.

Our world is much larger than us and is only as healthy as the nature that is nurtured and allowed to thrive, in Mother Nature, Human Nature and Spiritual Nature.

Our cultures are vast, plentiful, rich, and different in their teachings, here we work with and learn from each other.

Together we, the people of the many countries of the earth, are working to create a place for us all to connect, to gather, to collaborate, to bring genuine change from a place of honesty, compassion, empathy, discussion, scientific actions, medical actions, health actions, activism, and most importantly community actions.

The environment in which ISOFIA thrives is one of inclusion, respect, and democracy.


We, the people worldwide, are working for a free, caring, loving, truthful, compassionate, lawful, and fair world on different domains, in solidarity, for country-specific projects. 

Within one big platform sharing knowledge and experience with others for the purpose of happiness and fulfillment, harmony and balance.


To connect groups working in countries worldwide with each other to collaborate on projects, large and small, that bring education, awareness, and action for the people to unite in strength. 

To collect, share and create best practices worldwide to achieve our mission.

Working in the areas of agriculture and food, education and awareness, society, health and wellbeing, science, economics, activism, law, collective sovereignty, culture, political action, spirit, tradition, media projects and more, while remaining nonpartisan.

To create, through action, neighbourhoods that are grounded in nature and allowed to thrive, in Mother Nature, Human Nature and Spiritual Nature.

Honouring the freedom of our chosen heritages, traditions, and cultures.

That we, the people, will always have the responsibility and right to take action, both individually and collectively, through influence and power, over the decisions that affect their lives.

That we, the people, will always retain the right to final decision-making authority over decisions made by those they elect or those who rule.

Together, realize a world for our children where their right to self-determination is commonplace as well as their right to remain informed and involved in developing what they leave for generations to come.