Barterfly and Sfero

Barterfly Foundation:

We are birthing and flying free a new economic, social and information system, in which businesses, people and communities receive financial freedom, purchasing power and independent information. We are building a great network of relationships and business opportunities that aims at collective well-being.

We are the caterpillar preparing for metamorphosis, we will be an extraordinary butterfly.

Today, people, companies and associations can co-create with us, participating in this metamorphosis to establish the Barterfly Foundation.



Sphero is an ancient term: 2500 years ago Empedocles used it to indicate the shape the universe would take when it was dominated by love. We want to realise his vision.

But we are not naïve. We do not believe that a web platform can change the shape of the universe. But we can recreate a virtual universe dominated by love. Sfero wants to be the digital projection of the ideal society.

We are not utopians, we do not want to make the world perfect. We want to create a perfect world. Technology provides us with all the tools we need to achieve this. So why not imagine and realise an alternative?

Let us imagine a world in which there are no debts, in which money is not a tool for enslaving entire peoples or individuals, in which wealth is represented by human beings and their relationships.

We imagine a world without propaganda, where news is not manipulated for the interests of power groups. Someone said that the truth will make us free, and then information must be free to tend towards the truth.

Let us imagine a world where differences are considered positively, and therefore respected and valued, not eliminated in the name of amorphous standardisation.

We imagine a digital world in which users are free to express themselves without every click being tracked by multinationals and institutions that want to sell you the new smartphone or want your consent to go and bomb the last enemy country.

Sfero is a challenge – you will have understood that – a challenge that we cannot overcome without your help.
This is the first release of Sfero: it is a minimal beta product. We will gradually integrate new features; we will build the ideal world together with you.

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