ISOFIA International Meeting

with facilitators and young people (from 18 years) aspiring to teach / study at MEEP

30 November / 6 December 2021

Hotel Lido-San Bernardino-CH

“O Man, Know thyself and thou shalt know the cosmos and the Gods

On the threshold of the Oracle of Delphi

ISOFIA Team gladly invites all those who feel ready for the challenge of change and agree with the guidelines of the attached project to join us in Switzerland.

This meeting is born from the need of change in solidarity a

nd awareness of our social paradigm, and for this we want to unite young people and facilitators for the implementation of the MEEP, a centre of study and research, which has the goal of starting his route, educational proposal how to plant a small seed in the more fertile ground of creativity to become in a not too distant future a huge BAOBAB tree.

True education awakens consciousness and guides change!

Please read the details on the annexe! English and italian:

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