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WE, THE PEOPLE OF the EARTH WHO ARE AWARE, no longer recognize the national medical healthcare board and councils which certify Doctors and healthcare workers. Instead put our lives and trust in the medical doctors, therapists and health professionals, who have dedicated their lives for the common good of humanity and respect their medical Oath, advising and preventing treatments which above all prevent and improve the health and well-being of their patients.

These Doctors and health workers around the world who have spoken the truth and acted in the interests of their Patients opposing government health policies have faced attacks, pressure, being struck off medical boards and councils and have even died. These medical boards and councils have been acting like a modern form of tribunal and inquisition, inflicting their wrath on the those of the medical community only wish to conform with their medical oath of Hippocrates and free themselves from conflict of interests and pressure from any organization.

WE, THE PEOPLE OF the EARTH WHO ARE AWARE, want to choose and decided for ourselves the Doctors and medical health workers who deserve to be called Doctors or Healthcare worker.  We thank the project of the Great Reset which has unveiled the will of the sinfully enslaved governments to powerful elites.  Also, for destroying the humanitarian medical, therapeutic and health knowledge, which was devoid of speculation with the aim to be only at the service of life.

For us THE PEOPLE OF the EARTH we are aware of the danger to life and humanity on our planet. We have transformed their plan into a new one; the plan of the Great Awakening.

WE, THE PEOPLE know how to recognize a good doctor or health worker. From the

bureaucrat enslaved to the pharmaceutical industries and driven only by greed for money or the fear of acting freely, becoming just an accomplice and collaborator of a tech health tyranny, which would have only wanted to control and dominate every human being. In reality, has already lost because WE, THE PEOPLE are not afraid to defend justice and liberty.

Today we invite doctors and health workers, patients and all men and women with common sense to sign this petition to affirm energetically our freedom on our planet and demonstrate that the conscious and aware people decide and the government respects the people.

ISOFIA International Association

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