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Valérie Bugault

My grandfather was a former resistance fighter, an entrepreneur who started from scratch and yet had many talents. It was in line with what he stood for as a (Resistance fighter) man and as an entrepreneur that I wrote a thesis, misleadingly entitled 'The cessation of business - A study of tax law', in which I created a unified legal theory of the capitalist enterprise.

Elisabetta Frezza

This website collects what I have written or said in recent years on the issues that are closest to my heart, and in particular: life, which today also manifests itself in its dazzling synthetic version as a (eu)genetically assembled artefact; the family, which also appears to us artificially refracted in a kaleidoscope of grotesque stand-ins; the education of the younger generations, distorted within a school that is now reduced to a parody of itself, or a cross between an amusement park and a collective ethical and social re-education laboratory.

Anne Marie Delaby                                   

Symbolist artist, Anne Marie Delaby takes our gaze beyond the threshold, into a world where Light transcends the shadows and doubts of our journey down here. His paintings with evocative colors are Journeys towards freedom and the Absolute, initiatory paths made of trials and conquests: the search for the Grail. It is necessary to enter his works to discover hidden figures, elementary or angelic beings that a superficial glance does not see, and that seem to reveal themselves only to those who open the eyes of the soul, almost reserved for initiates

Anne Marie Delaby was born in Lebanon in 1964. Drawing is a necessity from an early age, in parallel with the great love for Nature, but the real encounter with painting takes place when she moved to Italy in Milan in 1985, and attended a school of painting with the anthroposophical method and Goethe’s theory of colors. The encounter with color will determine the orientation of her life: she discovers its moral character, energy and secret life, choosing the watercolor technique that plays on transparencies, and oil on canvas, starting with mystical-esoteric paintings to arrive at a symbolic and highly expressive painting. Painting becomes almost a remedy for Anne, and on the trail by Jodorowsky “The purpose of Art is to cure: if Art does not heal it is not true Art”, the old idea of art as a bearer of good returns, as a “messenger of the gods”, the Mercury of doctors, who – to recall Kandinsky – “must haul up the heavy chariot of humanity”. Consequently, the interest in Art -Therapy emerges, her other profession: she starts a specialization school and graduates in 2001. “The intrinsic transformative power of art allows you to bring Light into the dark, order into chaos, and find solutions in situations apparently without hope “. And again: Art is a channel between the spiritual and physical world, a form of play between chaos and order, between instinctual will and rational thought, drives and the mind: it can only take place in freedom … “

Her research evolves from the most mystical paintings born from her inner investigation, to an imaginative vision of natural elements: Land, with the series of paintings on dunes, rocks and barks, almost omnipresent Water, recurring Fire in the strong energy charge and heat emanating from many of his works, Air and Light often in contrast with the dense and dark matter. And this vision also includes man as a harmonic synthesis of the universe, “the concentrate of every existing opposite, the supreme summit of creation” (B. Marsano). His path therefore unfolds through distinct and divided periods also in his site web: The Search (20th century) Elemental life (2000-2005), Alchimie (2006-2011). From the series Apocalypse The denied man (2010-2013), she says: “My painting is a cry: if man does not come out of the dualistic thought that divides him from life, from nature, and from the divine Essence, the world must be directed to ruin! There is no more time for excuses or stories. This is today’s challenge: he must choose between Being and living, or craving and dying. “Paintings witnessing a collapse, and” a dreamlike vision although at times surprisingly linked to the material to signify the profound disquiet of an era that no longer finds its place “(O. Karasso). Of a humanity without a soul, almost without hope.

Operational science has not listened to the lesson of Alchemy which had grasped the magic of the continuous, incessant transmutation of things. Magic that Anne Marie Delaby proposes again. In her alchemy of colors, Nature shows itself in the Light, as in the stained glass windows of Chartres commissioned by Abbot Sauger to make visible through the Art, the Light of God that envelops, consoles, elevates. […] In the paintings of AMD, Nature and Spirit go hand in hand and transmute  into continuous dialogue. (Chiara Milani, “Alchimie” 2020)

She lives and works between lakes and mountains near Como (Italy)                                  Contact : +39 3474290874 ;                   

She lives and works between lakes and mountains near Como, Italy.

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