Petition Sign4children

An international petition has just been launched: Sign for Children. 1000, no 100,000 and many more parents from different geographical areas such as France, Canada, USA, Spain, Italy, Argentina Germany etc. will show together that they stand behind children and young people.
Regardless of what corners of the world we come from, regardless of how else we are anchored in life and how we think: to protect young people we all join together and make a common sign “Sign4children”. Against the harmful measures & restrictions, for a self-effective, free growing up.
Please support the petition with your signature! Let’s show together how many we already are! So many that they will soon have to notice us in the regular media.
And if you are a parents’ association or similar, that would like to support the team, please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you. And now it’s time to “fire away” and sign🌼🌼:

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