Petition: stop vacc. kids

Please sign the petition (in German but all people all over the world are invited to help): Stop the vaccination for kids and young people: Children and young people have never been in danger from Corona (neither ever before nor at the present time).The risk groups have been vaccinated. Those who want to protect themselves can get vaccinated.
The lives of children and young people have been drastically restricted in order to protect the older population. The children and young people in this country have done their required and demanded of share of solidarity.
Now the older people are required to show their share of solidarity for the young people. Children and adolescents must finally be given a carefree development.
The risk of young people getting seriously ill with Corona is extremely low, which is precisely why any higher risk from a vaccination must be excluded. Unfortunately there is no guarantee given in that case. The vaccination is a completely novel physical procedure which is only in the study phase and whose consequences no one can really judge.
Children are our future. They have to be protected.
• Children and adolescents are generally not affected by Corona.
• The vaccination does not prevent infections.
• The vaccination does not prevent the virus from being passed on.
• The vaccination is only intended to prevent a severe course of illness.
• Children and adolescents do not generally have a severe course of the disease if they should fall ill.
But: Children are particularly at risk from vaccine damage!
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